Whats the Difference Between Tv and Ts escorts

Difference Between Tv & Ts escorts

Tv Ts escorts

Well Difference Between Tv Ts escorts this is easy, a Ts escort is the shorter version for a trans escort, a tv is a shorter term for transvestite. Now there is a difference and is huge. Clients are always getting confused with this complicated terminologies. Let’s clarify this. If your a client who is search of a beautiful. Sexy and feminine trans escort then a ts escort is what you should be searching for. If you’re a client who is after a more manly feel where you aren’t interested if the person your seeing is feminine your just looking for a good hard cock to give you a great pounding more swaying towards the gay scene. Then a transvestite escort is your better Option.

There are not right or wrong choices. Things of this nature boil down to person choice and preference. You could be a client who isn’t happy or pleased with the first choice you made then try something else. Everybody has different sexual fantasies and pleasure. Clients prefer trans escorts or ts escorts mainly because most clients who do visit ts escorts are straight men they have no gay tendencies they just enjoy this feminine sexy trans escort who has a beautiful cock and tight ass that shoots all this milk they want. Some clients who can be confused about there sexuality because they might not find a ts escort attractive tend to visit more TV escorts as they are looking for that gay experience. Which is find because everyone has the right to make there own choice. As long as what’s being done is Between two consenting adults.

Rates will Differ Between Tv and Ts Escorts

The rates or prices between Ts escort & tv escorts will be definitely different. A Ts escort will always charge more then a tv because she has more to offer. A tv is still undecided on who she is. It’s basically a bloke with a wig. As Blunt as that sounds it’s actually the truth most drag queens will class themselves as tv escorts.

But Ts escorts with be this goddess of feminism with her great hourly shaped body. Her beautiful tits & let’s not forget the hidden surprise between her legs which will have you craving her every inch and service. You can not even begin to contemplate how sexy a Tv Ts escorts are.

Fully Functional & Very Versatile Tv Ts Escorts

What makes them even greater is they are completely functional, Well Hung & very versatile. So yes they charge a lot more but they can provide a service you cannot find with a tv. They are stunningly beautiful. And can be very versatile who are capable to please clients from all different walks of life so whatever your sexual desires are don’t let them hold you back because you will be truly Impressed with these lovely sexy beings.

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